Why We are Thankful

Together we have made amazing progress in the fight for a more open and accountable government. Click "Read More" to see some thoughts from community members on what we have to be thankful for in the last year.

Opening Government – Patrice McDermott, OpenTheGovernment.org

"We are thankful for the Administration's efforts to identify –          together with civil society groups – challenging (but achievable) initiatives to make government more open, accountable and effective. These include making progress on federal fiscal transparency, modernizing and rationalizing FOIA, and creating a Classification Reform Committee directed by the White House. The proof of this pudding will be in the eating – starting in 2014."

Reducing National Security Secrecy – Danielle Brian, Project On Government Oversight – POGO

"We're thankful that in response to the disclosures by Edward Snowden that Congress is finally stepping up its oversight of our country's national security state."

Improving Access – Kevin Goldberg, American Society of News Editors

"I'm most thankful for all the truly committed people in and out of government who continue to work every day to improve FOIA and ensure that it remains a shield against government secrecy."

Managing Records – Anne Weismann, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington – CREW

"I'm most thankful for the archivist, David Ferriero, and his commitment to improved electronic recordkeeping. The government has a long way to go, but with his commitment we now have a chance of getting there."

The fight is far from over. In just the last month we have had to band together to fight off efforts to restrict what we can know about livestock and agriculture operations and to emphasize how secret interpretations of the law have led to governmental abuse of power. Our work and future success depends on your support.

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