Who’s watching who? A guide to monitoring the use of facial recognition tech where you live

Fifteen seconds could reveal police surveillance in your hometown.

By Beryl Lipton

A New York Times investigation recently introduced the country to Clearview AI, a small and secretive facial recognition company. Clearview says the foundation of their system is a 3 billion strong database of facial images pulled from social networks and the web. The investigation started with records requests by MuckRock and Open The Government, part of our work to keep tabs on those keeping tabs on us.

Police Surveillance: Facial Recognition in Your Backyard is a joint project between MuckRock and Open The Government. We have been investigating adoption of facial recognition technology nationwide.

Your input is important to our investigation. Add your city below and we’ll work to find out whether your local police department is using facial recognition technology. It’s fifteen seconds of effort. You assign us the task of filing public records requests and getting this public information, and we all get a better idea of how the use of facial recognition is being adopted and used where you live and around the country. More information is available here.