The Second Open Government National Action Plan, Six Months In

In the coming days, OTG and several partners and allies will publish an overview of the US government’s progress implementing the second National Action Plan (NAP). As you might remember, the government promised to take certain steps on a number of issues in the NAP, including making federal spending more transparent, freeing government data, modernizing the Freedom of Information Act, and more.

Teams of civil society members are tracking the execution of these commitments over the two-year implementation period. (Learn more about our methodology here). At this early point in the plan’s lifespan, OTG and our collaborators think it was necessary to establish a baseline that reflected the progress the Administration has made towards meeting its commitments, and the amount of collaboration between government officials and civil society organizations (something that is encouraged in the Open Government Partnership’s structure). The team leads completed forms indicating whether they knew the government officials responsible for the commitment’s implementation, whether they had corresponded or met with these officials, and if they were aware of any progress on the commitment.

Over the next six months, civil society teams will identify stretch goals for each commitment. With increased collaboration and communication between our community and the government, the US government can clear that high bar with meaningful execution of an ambitious and wide-ranging plan.

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