The FOIA Project — Searchable Information about Federal FOIA Filings

The Transactional Records Access Center (TRAC) has just launched The FOIA Project. The first phase focuses on court challenges to withholding, later phases are planned to expand coverage to turndowns at the initial request and administrative appeal levels. The ultimate goal: to mobilize the power of public exposure to encourage a more transparent government.


Links on the new site allow the public to offer suggestions and to volunteer to help on the project. Currently under consideration is the addition of a mechanism by which requestors can post current egregious examples of FOIA withholding decisions to share with a wider audience.


The site, being updated on an ongoing basis, provides ready access to information about every federal FOIA filing since October 2009. This information is searchable in a variety of ways, including viewing the geographic distribution of FOIA cases, and searching for cases and documents (dockets and complaints).


Try it out and let them know what you think.

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