Admin Releases "Post-Wikileaks" EO to Improve Security of Classified Networks - And Protect Civil Liberties?

Last Friday the Administration released a new Executive Order (EO) on Structural Reforms to Improve the Security of Classified Networks and the Responsible Sharing and Safeguarding of Classified Information. The EO represents the Administration's approach to preventing future disclosures of classified information like the troves of national security material posted to WikiLeaks last year.

News Highlights - June 29, 2011

Announcing an Updated House of Representatives Staff Directory
Why Open Data Alone Is Not Enough
Judge says New York Times reporter could have to testify
Supreme Court to consider government's warrantless GPS tracking
CIA wins suit against ex-officer who published unapproved book
Ashley Savage: Wikileaks and Whistleblowers: The Need for a New Legal Focus

News Highlights - June 17, 2011

Govt Opposes Attorneys' Free Use of WikiLeaks Documents
Warner introduces transparency bill
Senators on Armed Services Committee Should Oppose an Anti-Transparency Measure
Cuts Would Hide Consumer Safety Risks, Money in Politics
Unlisted Petraeus chat is scrutinized


News Highlights - June 11-13, 2011

Intel agencies aim to automate secrecy
Feds' policy on reading WikiLeaks docs 'incoherent,' critics say
F.B.I. Agents Get Leeway to Push Privacy Bounds
D.C. Judge Reviewing Richard Nixon Grand Jury Information
Lessons from the Thomas Drake Case


News Highlights - June 10, 2011

Ex-N.S.A. Aide Gains Plea Deal in Leak Case; Setback to U.S.
WikiLeaks Grand Jury investigation widens
Groups Urge Senators to E-File Campaign Finance Reports
NSA Declassifies 200 Year Old Report
Plan would help agencies control sensitive data


News Highlights - June 7, 2011

FDA, USDA Practice Proactive Disclosure
Judge Gives DOJ Reprieve In WikiLeaks Document Dispute
Feds pare back NSA leak case to shield technology


News Highlights - May 12, 2011

In Drake Leak Case, Govt Seeks to Block Unclassified Info
GOP struggles for PATRIOT Act votes
Justice Department issues guidance on FOIA Exemption 2
House Panel Demands WikiLeaks-Proof Pentagon
Pentagon Papers to be Officially Released
Open government requires accessibility, not just data, specialists say
ACLU Asks Court to Reconsider Whistleblower Secrecy Ruling


News Highlights - May 11, 2011

Case Against WikiLeaks Part Of Broader Campaign site to go public soon
USAID Pulls Retroactively Classified Report from Website


News Highlights - May 5, 2011

House Intel Bill Mandates Insider Threat Detection
Group mulls ID system for corporate contributors
FBI to Increase Surveillance in Aftermath of Osama Killing
Feds want more detailed info on contractors' time, costs