Government Contractor Accountability

Applying FOIA to Government Contractors

The Next Frontier of Government Transparency Each year, a larger portion of government work is performed by private government contractors, who make up an estimated 4 in 10 federal government   Read Full

Private Prison Information Act: Senator Cardin Introduces Legislation Following OTG Hill Briefing

Open The Government and the ACLU co-hosted a briefing at the Russell Senate Office Building to discuss the lack of accountability surrounding private prisons, jails, and detention centers that house   Read Full

Updated – Lawsuit Against Health and Human Services Highlights Need for Contractor Transparency

(Updated, November 15, 2019 — OTG successfully obtained documents showing General Dynamics was in fact integrally involved in approving, or denying, which family a child could live with while seeking   Read Full

Data Breaches Spotlight Need for Greater Contractor Oversight by Congress

Americans are once again reading about another massive data breach that affects their privacy. This week, Capital One went public with a credit file breach affecting more than 100 million   Read Full