Sunshine Week 2008 – Archived Webcast

Sunshine Week 2008 – Archived Webcast

(click to open the .WMV video file of our webcast (95 minutes/255 MB), which requires a plug-in (Windows Media Player or RealPlayer); please note that the video file runs best on a high-speed (300 kbs/faster) internet connection, at the 320×240 window size.)

We had a terrific event at the National Press Club and at host sites around the country on March 19. The webcast of our event may be viewed by clicking on the link above (free; no registration required); you may also watch an indexed version of the webcast at here. It will also remain available for viewing at the National Press Club’s registration/webcast page for a few months (registration required). For the highest-quality version of the event, we will have a DVD available for purchase, as in past years; it will be available in mid-April.

To learn more about the program, visit our Sunshine Week 2008 Event Information page. We have also compiled a list of pending legislation and collected resources (books and articles) about government secrecy and related issues for your use, and we are updating each as new bills and events warrant.

We encourage viewers to review our Statement of Values (email us to add your name), and join our listserv for biweekly Policy News & Updates, as well as other action alerts. Future action items and alerts will also be listed on this page, as well as at our Action Center.

The webcast is an event during Sunshine Week 2008.

The webcast of our March 19 event, “Government Secrecy: Censoring Your Right to Know,” is available for purchase, as a DVD, from the Special Libraries Association.

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