Summary of the Open Government Directive

The Administration’s Open Government Directive (OGD) requires agencies to take several steps that, if well-implemented, could embed a culture of transparency into the way agencies operate., our coalition partners, and the Administration, are tracking this process, and looking for public feedback. and High Value Datasets

By January 22, agencies were required to make three high value datasets available to the public via According to Administration officials, these first three datasets are just a "down payment," or a minimum; agencies are expected to continually make new datasets available to the public. To help judge if agencies are meeting those expectations, and posting data that is of value to the public is collecting data on agency participation to monitor the number of raw datasets and tools agencies are adding, and the use of these resources by the public.

The Administration wants to hear your feedback on Share your recommendations for improving the site, and vote on other people’s ideas here.

Open Government Webpages

By February 6, agencies were required to set up open government webpages located at " Our coalition partner, the Sunlight Foundation has created a tool that monitors all the agencies to see if their /open page is up, and links to that page if it is.

Agencies will be looking for feedback on these pages. Look for a link to IdeaScale on each agency page to participate.

Visit the White House’s open government Dashboard to see how the Administration grades the agencies on openness.

Open Government Plans

Agencies are required to post Open Government Plans by April 7. The agencies want to hear your ideas, so be sure to go to the /open pages and join the discussions about what these plans should contain. You can also go to the OpenGov Open Feedback Firehose that takes the RSS feeds from websites (their IdeaScale idea/discussion forums) and combines them into one RSS feed. You can link to the various agency fora from there. Each agency will have a forum — and you will have an option to share your ideas with all agencies at one time. The discussions will be open until March 19th.

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