Successful Teleconference Tips

Role of the Site Coordinator

The site coordinator is a necessary part of the teleconference. Site coordinators may perform different functions. Either singly or as a team, they can prepare for the program, introduce the event, encourage people to call in with questions and fill out evaluation forms, lead their local program, and deal with any problems that may arise.

Before the Broadcast

Read background information
In preparation for the teleconference, participants can read various resources posted on’s website or Sunshine Week’s website.

By March 8, we will email and post on’s website a detailed summary of the program, including goals and suggested questions for your local program.

Contact local news outlets
Alert local news media, such as newspapers and television stations, of your local program. They may be interested in covering your event!

Copy the Materials
Please make copies of the program and evaluation form for the attendees at your site. These materials will be available in pdf form on our site.

Set up the Room
You may want to have a supply of paper and pens available for participants to take notes. Try to have a phone or computer with email access nearby for participants to ask questions during the national program.

Make sure that technical help is on hand
If you are not a technically oriented person yourself, make sure to have an expert assistant on hand! Tuning in a satellite broadcast can be complicated, so you’ll want to have someone who knows the system.

Tape the program
You are welcome to tape the program to show at a later time.

Day of the Broadcast

Test the satellite coordinates
You should test the satellite coordinates from 12:30 pm to 1:00pm on the day of the program.

If you have registered and still need the satellite coordinates, please contact

Prepare to tape the program if you wish
You are welcome to tape the program to show at a later time.

Enjoy the program!
Having prepared, you are now free to watch and enjoy the broadcast.

Send the panelists questions
Please encourage your participants to email or telephone in questions during the teleconference. The email address for questions isand then phone number is (202) 662-7490.

Hand out and collect evaluation forms
At the end of the teleconference, hand out the evaluation forms to the participants and ask them to complete the forms at that time.

Conduct your local program!
After the national program, your local program can begin. Local sites should plan on starting their program around 2:30 pm EST.

After the Broadcast

Send in evaluation forms and online survey
Please send in the evaluation forms. You can fax, email, or send the forms. You can find our contact information under “Essential Contact Information” at the beginning of this manual.

We ask that site coordinators fill out our online survey at

Buy a DVD!
We plan at this point to have DVDs of the program available through the Special Libraries Association. We will let you know when they become available.

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