Steering Committee Notes, 7/22/09


Bill Allison, Mary Alice Baish, Gary Bass, Danielle Brian, Lucy Dalglish, Robert Leger, Conrad Martin, Patrice McDermott, Michael Ostrolenk, Reece Rushing, David Sobel, and Amy Bennett



  • Financial Report – Overall, the coalition is not in good fiscal health, but is in decent shape.
  • Discussion
    • Open Government Directive: Reactions to Substance and Process – The Steering Committee suggested that since the 21st Century Right to Know recommendations were at the top of the list at the end of the process, we should request a meeting with Beth Noveck to discuss the Administration’s current thinking on the policy’s final form, and implementation.
    • Declassification – succeeded in having the timeframe for comment on the Declassification Policy Forum extended. Originally, the Public Interest Declassification Board (PIDB) planned to keep each of the topics open for comment over a three day period (one of which fell over the fourth of July weekend). The coalition made an informal request all topics be kept open for comment throughout the process, and began to circulate a formal sign-on letter making the same request; prior to our sending the letter, they agreed to extend the deadline, and keep all of the topics open for comment.
    • Funders Briefing – The funders briefing will be a luncheon on October 29th in New York City (the venue is TBD, although it will likely be at the offices of Ford or Carnegie). Funders will choose the topic and set the final agenda. The main purpose of the briefing is to broaden the base of funders supporting transparency and accountability by making it clear how it is important to the things they already fund. Possible speakers were discussed and a smalle planning committee was created.
    • Secrecy Report Card – This year plans an addition to the Secrecy Report Card that will discuss policy changes by the Obama administration, and how those policies in theory relate to the administration’s actual practices. This will be in front of the regular update and reflect statistics related to the last year of the Bush administration. A special section on financial transparency was also discussed.
    • October 21 Steering Committee meeting – The Steering Committee Meeting on October 21 will be moved to the 3 – 4:30 in the afternoon. Following the business meeting, we will invite a speaker to discuss a timely issue and then host a social hour (ending at 6). A larger portion of the community (coalition partners and partners not in the coalition) will be invited to join us for the speaker and social hour.

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