Steering Committee Notes, 11/27/2007


Updates – Whistleblower: a number of bills, primarily by department (e.g. Defense) or sector (e.g. transportation).

Sunshine Week A. Scheduling: general – March 19: Patrice tentatively reserved Press Club – Technology to get/use: webcasts (free); satellite TV (charge for that?) B. Panels/discussions/action: Getting participation/viewing across country with strong national issue has worked in past Panel #1) "What is going on with our government?" (title TBD) – Discussion of possible panelists to discuss balance of powers issues (e.g., unitary executive, congressional prerogatives). – Suggested names: – for diversity of federal branch experience: Mickey Edwards, John Yoo? John Podesta (moderator/panelist?); – other: David Cole (GULC), Mark Danner (Berkeley); Fritz Schwarz (lead counsel, Church Commission)? – Journalist/non-branch angle: Dana Priest? Charlie Savage? Panel #2) National Listening Session on 21st-century RTK: – Focus on state actors/activism? Get representatives of state groups — e.g., WA, UT, MN, IN — to discuss state interests/concerns? – Want to generate interactivity, though: Webcast? Real-time rating of ideas/comments? Split-screen, or online poll? – Distribute/publish questions for people to ask politicians? – Boost interactivity with blog, online presence, follow-up activities/actions?

Building towards Sunshine Week – Identify/use buzzwords/catch-phrases (e.g., "state secrets," "secrecy," "secrecy out of control") – Laying groundwork: – get information out to libraries soon – "Save the date!" graphic/note up on OTG homepage now – Plot message/framing: Patrice to introduce event, frame/brand it? D. Preliminary schedule, logistics and details: notion of joint program (tentative agreement: have program list all events during the week) – Friday before SW: FOIA day – Monday: Dan Metcalfe – Tuesday: Deb Hernandez (of SW) – Wednesday: OpenTheGov (note: OpenTheGov is not doing a one-day event with SW, as they are not organized and we needed to go ahead and reserve the room at the Press Club) – Chris Green to convene conference call with folks like Beth Daley (POGO), Mary Alice Baish, library groups


Steering Committee suggestion re: schedule: – Swap monthly conference call for quarterly lunch meeting – stay on the fourth Tuesday? move to Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct? (Specific dates TBD)

Discussion: – Longer meetings, less frequent intrusion onto members’ schedules. – Lucy and Leslie enthusiastic; Steve supportive but mentioned slippery-slope-style argument (could recreate existing pattern if unavailable members want to call in). – Replace functionality of calls by increasing listserv activity?

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