Steering Committee Notes, 10/20/10 Steering Committee Meeting
Bauman Foundation Conference Room
October, 2010 – 12 – 1 pm

Steven Aftergood, Mary Alice Baish, Gary Bass, Tom Blanton, Danielle Brian, Kenneth Bunting (on phone), Robert Leger (on phone), Conrad Martin, Reece Rushing, Anne Weismann, Patrice McDermott, and Amy Bennett

The agenda was revised in the interest of finishing the substantive conversation regarding priorities for the Administration before Administration officials came for the a meeting to discuss the Administration’s plans. Prior to their arrival, the Committee discussed priorities, and the coalition’s budget and financials. Other agenda items were moved to the next meeting (January 19).


  • The Administration asked for further explanation of items on the openness floor, and asked for examples of agencies that are doing a good job/ bad job of making each type of information available.
  • OMB Watch prepared a new draft. Enforcement data will be added to the document, and it is still open to edits/ additions.
  • The Committee discussed two types of questions to ask: process and substance.
  • Process questions include timetable and possible vehicles for reform.
  • Substance questions covered the following topics: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reform, overclassification, controlled unclassified information (CUI), revolving door, electronic records,, and the President’s announced global transparency initiative


  • The proposed budget for 2011 is aspirational; it includes items the coalition will not do without new sources of funding. Rent and equipment is high because the coalition will be purchasing furniture, etc, rather than continuing to rent. The coalition will not be moving out of its current location, but rent has been lowered and stabilized. Without funding for an Assistant (who will not be hired without additional funding), the budget is close to balanced. The budget includes proposed raises for the Director and the Program Associate. The Committee would like to formalize the structure for reviews and raises. Patrice is currently in the process of her review for the Executive Committee.
  • The 2011 budget was approved by the Steering Committee.

Agenda items not discussed:

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