Steering Committee Notes, 1/18/12 Steering Committee
1100 G Street, NW, Suite 500 – POGO Conference Room
January 18, 2012 12 – 2 pm


Participants: Steve Aftergood, Federation of American Scientists; Tom Blanton, National Security Archive; Danielle Brian, Project On Government Oversight -POGO; Kenneth Bunting, National Freedom of Information Coalition (on phone); Lucy Dalglish (Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (on phone); Kevin Goldberg, American Society of News Editors; Robert Leger, Society of Professional Journalists (on phone); Conrad Martin, Fund for Constitutional Government; Katherine McFate, OMB Watch; Sean Moulton, OMB Watch; Michael Ostrolenk, Liberty Coalition; Patrice McDermott and Amy Bennett, staff

Financials and Revenue Report

  • The coalition is in very good shape financially
  • We saved money by forgoing raises for a few years, not hiring a third person, spending far less on Sunshine Week, paying less in rent, finding a free place to host our site, having other groups pay travel expenses, not putting on funders briefings, etc.
  • The Open Government Partnership (OGP) steering committee plans to release a new checklist of openness and accountability standards all NGOs should meet (i.e., audited financial statements, Board members posted online and bios available); perhaps OTG should bring itself up to these standards; this might be an agenda item for the next meeting; we should also share these standards with our partners
  • We will revise the budget to spend more money and project a 2-year time period
  • OTG needs to develop a two year growth vision to use in funding proposals

Open Government Partnership

  • Wayne Burke Moses of the Open Forum Foundation, the consultant working with us on OGP issues, introduced himself. He is helping us put together “Teams” to work with the Administration and agency personnel on implementing each of the National Action Plan (NAP) commitments and managing the development (and community acceptance) of some metrics for evaluating the Administration’s efforts.
  • The evaluation will likely be in two parts: one evaluating purely whether or not the Administration has done what it said it would in the NAP; the second evaluating how far the Administration has gone towards meeting some universal “open government standards” (standards chosen by the community and as specific as possible)


  • The Steering Committee chose a new logo

Year In Review

  • OTG needs to remind our partners to use their social media networks to point to material on our site
  • OTG needs to send out a funding e-ask; a good time to do this may be during Sunshine Week

Sunshine Week:

This year’s webcast will be from the Freedom Forum (top floor of the Neweum) on March 16

  • The Steering Committee suggests we have three panels:
    • Panel 1 – What would openness look like under the Presidential candidates
    • Panel 2 – a roundtable discussion on the Obama Administration’s first term
    • Panel 3 – Electoral Disclosure and Secrecy (placeholder name)

The year ahead

  • April 7 – All agencies must have posted updated open government plans from version posted on original release date
  • End of April – Transparency Camp
  • June 27 – agencies should complete and report on their fundamental classification review; they must post a report (at least some of which is public) on what classification guidance has been done away with or modified
  • September 20-21 – President talks on OGP progress

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