Steering Committee Minutes, 8/28/2007

Steering Committe

e Minutes 8/28/07, 1pm I. Updates A. Discussion of FOIA legislation- status B. CRS Reports -Quiet Progress is being made to make CRS reports public -A House member has offered to share the CRS index for reports with CDT- will include all non-private CRS prepared for members of Congress generally -Index is updated frequently -More info about this and sharing index to come from CDT C. Govt Secrecy Primer -Print editions are available -Let Patrice know how many copies you want- to take to Hill meetings, etc -Will be available for purchase for $15 D. Secrecy Report Card -We have sent the draft to the designer -We will release an embargoed copy on Thurs and release it to the public on Sunday, Sept. 2 -We will send it to reporters over the next few days II. Discussion -Website redesign -Discussion of beginning mock up -Who should our audiences be? In what order of priority? Orgs, media, public? Let Patrice know if you have ideas – Comments: Should include a Join Us link and obvious place for people to read and sign the statement of values; -Should add a Publications tab to the top (to include reports, testimony, letters, etc) -Looking at partnership with, an online debate/opinion forum -Sunlight Foundation has partnered with them -One question: How often will we be able to change our questions/debate topics? – Comments -Concern that this might take some work, but some of our coalition partners might engage (eg, librarians) -We will check with Sunlight on the success they’ve had -We will proceed with discussions to find out more about a possible partnership III.Thinking Ahead A. Ad hoc group for Sunshine Week 2008 -Let Patrice know if you’re interested in helping to plan our annual event

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