Steering Committee Minutes, 7/24/2007


Steering Committee Minutes 7/24/07, 1pm I. Updates A. FOIA legislation -The FOIA bill (S.849) is still held up in the Senate -Kyl still has his hold on the bill, but has limited his objections B. Gov’t Secrecy Primer -Released on July 12th at the House Judiciary hearing for Miers -It is available on the web and we are working on getting the print edition published -FCG will buy a set of 10 ISBN numbers, and we can use one of them to sell any excess copies of the publication (on Amazon, etc) C. Secrecy Report Card -We are on track to for a Labor Day weekend release date -We will include new items: Executive privilege (numbers from a CRS report) and contracts D. Fundraising -We received the 2 year Carnegie grant II. Reports A. Pocantico Retreat -Diverse set of players attended, broad- based group for by- in -There were few points of contention and most people walked away satisfied III. Discussion Question: Executive Privilege as Secrecy? -OTG will weigh in from the perspective that resistance to disclosure goes against transparency and openness principles -encourage Congress to play role IV. Under Consideration/Development A. Winning with Openness -Conrad’s idea to create a publication to educate candidates on openness -would likely need to be done by a c(4) B. Sunshine Week ’08 -We would like to bring in reps for the candidates and focus on openness as an election year issue -Focus more on Congressional candidates rather than presidential? -This would be a good time to bring our partners together -Good way to involve younger people -Patrice would like a task force of SC members to develop plans. Contact Patrice if you would like to be involved C. Policy Game -Discussion at Pocantico led to idea to produce curriculum for classrooms on openness (eg, file a FOIA request and follow it throughout the year) -Other ideas include advocacy in Second Life, creating a video -Instead of creating a complicated game, we could also create something simple like "whack-a-mole" or a scavenger hunt

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