Steering Committee Minutes, 6/28/2007


Steering Committee Minutes 6/28/07 I. Budget – -Patrice sent around the approved budget (attachment) -Some of the items on the budget were mixed up- Patrice will resend to Steering Committee -We are in good shape II. Who Can Be a Partner? language -New standardized language approved. Our request for information will be sent to prospective partners. III. Additional language in Governance document -New language reflecting previous discussions of sector/organization/individual balance approved -For the next meeting, Gary (with Tom) will develop a proposal to divide members into 2 classes for 3 year terms -David agreed to serve as nominations chair for another year -Still need to fill spot left by Elliot Mincberg -Patrice will develop a short list of things expected of SC members IV. Updates A. Pocantico -July 18-19. Participants will be of a variety of ideological viewpoints -Gary and Sean (OMB Watch) are working to further develop the agenda B. Primer -At the printer. Still waiting for foreword to be completed -Now is the time for a release (due to current events) -We will do an initial release of pdf version without the foreword, if necessary -Will look into organizing a press conference -Pitch it for op-eds C. Sunshine Week DVD sales -56 of last year’s, 7 of this year’s sold -Will push to libraries -Patrice will post to gov docs listserve, help get ALA to promote V. New items A. White paper on digitization initiatives in government -Concern with executive branch MOUs on digitization with vendors like Google -AALL, ARL, Patrice and Glenn Schlarman (former OMB) working to develop white paper on concerns, issues. Audience would be government officials, Congress, public interest people -Glen will author the paper. Agreed to a contract. -EFF would like to be involved B. Possible workshop around white paper -CDT is interested in holding a workshop for vendors, OTG, agencies, Glenn, and Hill staff to discuss different models, best practices -Also a good subject for an Op Ed C. Work on 2007 Secrecy Report Card -Patrice and Emily have started to collect the info for this year’s report, to be released Labor Day weekend -Other areas to include? -Measuring something on Cheney? -Congressional subpoenas -government contracting out -outsourcing FOIA operations -IDIQ (work with POGO) – We need SC assistance to identify sources for numbers for new areas -Contractor issue also good for a letter to the editor V. Thinking Ahead A. Ad hoc group for creating a policy game -Limited success with flash this year -Want to try something new- A policy game? -Ian Bogost, professor and creator of policy games, is interested in working with us. He wants some ideas from us -Patrice would like to form an ad hoc group to discuss ideas. Let Patrice know if you would like to participate -Volunteers: Charles, Gary, Bill -Could begin talk at Pocantico B. Ad hoc group for next year’s Sunshine Week -thinking about a candidate/campaign roundtable for next year -Would like to create an ad hoc group to start work on this -Could begin talk at Pocantico NEXT MEETING: July 24, 1pm

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