Steering Committee Minutes, 3/27/2007


Steering Committee Minutes 3/27/07, 1pm I. Updates A. Projects i. Flash video: – Mark Fiore was not able to get the flash video to us in time for review and release during Sunshine Week. – The release process was discussed. Patrice is communicating with our partners with large membership to get the viral release going. – Bill Allison of Sunlight Foundation (replacing Zephyr Teachout) offered to help get it out to the blogosphere. – The flash will reside on and link to an action site on which we will populate next week. ii. Secrecy Primer -Complete, but needs layout and design. -Please help Patrice identify someone to write the preface (Bill Moyers was suggested). Please send ideas and contacts to Patrice. Steve Horn was suggested during the call. -Anna Oman (former OMB Watch Communications Coordinator) will design the report -Dissemination: We will put it on the web (we will probably eventually convert to a wiki form). Will also hand out to members of relevant committees, caucuses (Judiciary, Govt Reform) -Steering members should use the report as a "calling card" for meetings with members, etc -We will email the url to the report to all OTG members -May also disseminate the executive summary if fleshed out iii. Sunshine Week -Went well at both the DC and sites around the country – except for a few technical problems that were most likely site-specific. -Fewer sites than last year signed up so far. We think this is because the program is during Spring Break. We will think about having the program before or after Sunshine Week next year to get around this problem. – If it is decided to do another event in 2008, it was recommended that we get more advance notice/advertising out about the subject(s) and panelists; that we webcast more broadly & encourage local gatherings; and that we ensure the moderator is prepared and willing to ask probing questions. – Patrice noted that she would like to explore opportunities to, legally, take advantage of the fact that we will be in the middle of primary season next year. B. Fundraising -Patrice submitted the proposal to Carnegie and CS Fund. She has received and responded to the comments & question of one external Carnegie reviewer and questions from internal reviewers. She has responded also to comments from a reviewer for CS Fund. -Upcoming info calls and meetings in NYC next month -Patrice is reopening conversations with Rockefeller Family Fund, and with OSI to renew grants -Patrice has begun to focus more on fundraising. in late-March once projects are completed C. Legislation -FOIA bills: Waxman’s bill passed during Sunshine week; Leahy conducted a hearing on March 14, and introduced his bill -Whistleblowers: Nick: the House passed the Whistleblower Protection Act. Senate is looking at Akaka’s bill. -Presidential Records: the House passed legislation revoking E.O. 13233 and clarifying the relationship between the White House and the Archivist. A comparable bill has been introduced in the Senate. – Presidential Library Donors: the House passed legislation requiring that the donors to presidential libraries be made public. II. Distribution plans -The strategic operational plan will go up on OTG site under "About Us"- we will send a link to our partners to let them know -OTG will improve it’s communications to help with dissemination by issuing press releases and short paragraphs with links to url of products for steering committee members and OTG members For April call: -Discussion of signing-on to joint letters (not originated by OpenTheGov) -Process for replacement of Steering Committee members who change jobs, etc.

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