Steering Committee Minutes, 2/6/2007


Steering Committee Minutes 2/6/07, 2pm I. Addressing OTG’s goals, objectives, and budget A. Steps to Achieve our Agenda: -Are these the right steps? Yes -Are they in the right order? See below The order and wording was changed: 1. Policy work: legislative, executive branch/regulatory, judicial; 2. Engaging the public through outreach and action with national, state and local organizations, or with the public more directly; 3. Increasing resources for secrecy and openness. 4. Raising the visibility of a secrecy/openness message with legislators through work with Congress, the media, through our website and through coordination with our partners 5. Research: Analysis & Reports – on developing and ongoing issues, to be shared with our partners and others; -Steering Committee ratified this list B. Goals and Objectives- Near Term -Patrice summarized the areas where we will and will not take the lead -21st century agenda -Still needs to be modified by OMB Watch -Its projected outcomes: 1. Questions relevant to federal candidates 2. Ideas for Congressional oversight 3. Recommendations for the next president -Should OTG be involved in voter engagement? -Good opportunity to ask candidates about openness issues. -Will also help with state and local outreach and branding -Patrice will revise the second year plan to reflect possible voter engagement plan -Conrad will check with his lawyers to see if there would be any problems with our involvement Steering Committee indicated support for the 3 year plan -A scaled down version of the strategic-operational plan will go out to partners and be posted on the website C. Budget -Patrice went through line items on the budget -A few changes will be made: need more money allocated under "Other" -We should have some money available for extra help as needed- e.g., could contract out for help with online/web outreach -Should have funds for crises and opportunities as they arise -Patrice will send around an updated budget -Patrice will continue to work to create a better format for reporting -Patrice will send around a request to partners on what they will be working on for the next two years, and how OTG can help. This will incorporated into our agenda II. Evaluation of Patrice -Gary will email questions about Patrice to the steering Committee. Members should speak to Gary or email thoughts -On the next Steering Committee call, the steering committee will discuss Patrice’s work without Patrice or Emily -Gary will then meet with Patrice privately

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