Steering Committee Minutes, 2/26/2007


Steering Committee Minutes 2/26/07, 1pm I. Updates A. Projects i. Flash video: Matt Wuerker will not complete the flash. Mark Fiore will complete the flash for us by Friday, March 16 (end of Sunshine Week) ii. Secrecy Primer -Pretty much complete -Still need steering committee to address the preface/forward and recommendations at the end. -Please help Patrice identify someone to write the preface. Please send ideas and contacts to Patrice -Patrice will send around the recommendations that David wrote- send any comments to Patrice -Anna Oman (former OMB Watch Communications Coordinator) will design the report -Dissemination: We will put it on the web (we will probably eventually convert to a wiki form). Will also hand out to members of relevant committees, caucuses (Judiciary, Govt Reform) -Steering members should use the report as a "calling card" for meetings with members, etc -We will email the url to the report to all OTG members -May also disseminate the executive summary if fleshed out iii. Sunshine Week -We are making progress. -Fewer sites than last year signed up so far. We think this is because the program is during Spring Break. We will think about having the program before or after Sunshine Week next year to get around this problem. -Patrice summarized the program (find details here: -If you would like to attend the event at the National Press Club on March 12 (1-2:30pm), please let Patrice or Emily know by Tuesday, March 6th -We will invite OTG partner orgs once our co-sponsors have invited people -We are creating a montage of headlines on the suppression and manipulation of scientific information on public health and safety. Send any headlines from newspapers you have to Patrice -We will work with the Deb (the Sunshine Week organizer) to coordinate information on the audit Sunshine Week conducted with League of Women Voters. The audit will be discussed during the webcast B. Fundraising -Upcoming info calls and meetings in NYC next month -Patrice will focus more on fundraising in late-March once projects are completed C. Legislation -Overview of current legislation: FOIA bills -Gov’t reform passed the Whistleblower Protection Act, referred to House Armed Services. Senate is looking at Akaka’s bill. -Kyl introduced amendment to criminalize disclosure of classified information related to terrorism investigations, counter-terrorism measures – we coordinated a sign on letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee II. Distribution plans -The strategic operational plan will go up on OTG site under "About Us"- we will send a link to our partners to let them know -Flash video and primer: need procedures for dissemination of OTG products- need help from steering committee members to disseminate -OTG will improve its communications to help with dissemination by issuing press releases and short paragraphs with links to url of products for steering committee members and OTG members

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