Steering Committee Minutes 11/27/2006


Steering Committee Minutes 11/27/06, 2pm I. Financials -Patrice put together an outline of our financial situation. She will update this and send it around again -Bottom line: we are in a good financial position for the coming year -We have additional fundraising prospects -Upcoming expenses: primer (David Banisar), flash animation (Matt Wuerker) -We received $50,000 from HKH which Knight accepted towards their match, so received total of $147,500 from Knight for the last year of the match -NEXT STEPS: -Patrice will update and recirculate budget figures II. Nominating Committee -David S. will send around a note no later than next week to all our coalition partners (organizations) requesting nominations for the Steering Committee (SC) -Nominating committee will select a subset of candidates and the coalition partners will vote -There will be a total of 15 SC members. All current members agreed to stand for election, and we have 3 open seats. The committee has not indicated how large the slate will be (just 15 to match the number of seats or more) -Efforts will be made to speed the process so that the new SC members can attend the Jan. 17 face to face meeting -NEXT STEPS: Note will go out to coalition partners asking for nominations III. Forum -OTG will host (with a number of other groups) a forum early in the year (probably Feb) at the Center for American Progress -The panel is aimed at the public, Hill staff, and the press IV. Sunshine Week -Panel discussion/debate will be held at National Press Club on March 12, 2007 at 1pm, webcast to sites around the country -The theme is Health, Safety, and Secrecy and the title is "Closed Doors; Open Democracies?" -Speakers may include representatives from Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), and a pro and anti access person -We will focus on secrecy and enviro and health issues, open meetings -Will more heavily promote the event this year among networks with state and local chapters (Common Cause, League of Women Voters, PEER etc) -Gary suggested we try to incorporate corruption/transparency/accountability issues. -Conrad suggested we include elder care issues, FDA whistleblower -We will place emphasis on encouraging local groups to have discussions after the national program V. Secrecy Book -David Banisar is making good progress. He is working with an outline that the committee gave him. SC members should be on "help alert" if David needs more info on subjects -NEXT STEPS: -We expect to have a full draft by the end of Dec. -Email Patrice with any ideas for graphics/cartoons to include VI. Flash animation -Matt Wuerker is now working as the cartoonist at the new Hill paper -Matt is working with ideas from the book agenda, but staying with the Jeopardy theme -NEXT STEPS: Still need ideas for the "Action" section at end of flash- what will be the legislation and executive action we call for? (Will most likely coincide with legislative agenda we push- see below) VII. Legislative Agenda -Patrice will come up with a survey for SC members and OTG partner organizations to rank what short and long-term legislation items we want to push -Will work on a legislative strategy with Tom Susman VIII. Recommendations to Congress for the primer -Patrice will circulate the recommendations from the 1987 book- we should write the new ones (should be similar to our legislative agenda) IX. Dissemination of flash video -Need to have a coordinated effort this year – We’ll create a press release to circulate to coalition partners and ask them to forward the flash it to their lists -Will send to blogs

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