Steering Committee Minutes 10/24/2006


Steering Committee Minutes
10/24/06, 2pm

I. Status of Knight match
-Sent October 19 to Knight
-Very close to 2:1 match
II. Face to face meeting- Save the date!
-Will take place January 17 from 12-3pm EST at OMB Watch. We will send around a note with details.

III. Approval of governance document
-Approved a change in number of exec committee from 4 to 5
-Committees will be: ad hoc, executive, and nominations
-Exec committee will be in charge of day to day decision and budget (to be brought before full steering committee).
-Nominations committee: Responsible for checking with current steering members on status; nominating people to fill the 3 open spots opened by new governance structure (to reflect the coalition partners)- nominations would then go to partners (organizations) to vote

IV. Secrecy book
-Secrecy primer(s) will be released in January along with a flash animation
-May end up with a segmented publication: one aimed more broadly at public, one aimed more specifically at Hill staff
-The primers will lead to a campaign on top priorities for the legislation and executive branches
-Possibly overlap with the Sunlight Foundation transparency in Congress initiative
-Content: a combination of scenarios and didactic explanations
-Possibly also create a "living agenda"- a wikipedia-like resource on OTG site
-Patrice will survey steering committee members to develop a list of key priorities to focus on in our campaign

V. Establishment of a reserve fund
-Our current operating costs are $20,000/month
-Goal is to establish a 6 month reserve in the next 3-5 years
-Thanks to Conrad and the Mott grant for their 3 month start to the reserve
-Tom suggested we reach out to foundations like Hewlett which are more willing to give general operating support grants

VI. Forum planning
-Planning to hold a forum on official secrets/ the Espionage Act, conference call on October 31, at 10 am
-ABA is doing a similar panel, but OTG’s will focus on the impact on the press, and on a more general secrecy/access perspective

VII. CDT Proposal for E-FOIA Portal
-CDT proposed to create a clearinghouse for govt docs obtained from FOIA
-General consensus to make recommendations for improvement to the current proposal

Next Steering Committee call: November 28 at 2pm

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