Site Coordinator’s Checklist

This checklist is a great reference tool for managing
the tasks and information needed to receive “Are We Safer in the Dark?”. It will allow you to keep all related information in one
location, which is convenient in the event of a problem.


“Are We Safer in the Dark?”

Day/Date/Local time:

March 13 from 1:00pm- 2:30pm EST, local programs to follow

Site coordinator(s)
(include the names and telephone numbers of all involved):





Technical coordinator (Name/Telephone):




Test time:







Estimated number of participants:



Room Reservations




Seating capacity of room:



Day/Date/Times reserved:






Signs (if needed):



Equipment Reservations

Telephone line(s):



Telephone line for troubleshooting:



Technical assistance booked:



Materials for Sign-in Table

Number of attendees:







Site registration fee paid:



Participant fees paid by individuals
(if applicable):



Day Before Satellite Teleconference

Pick up signs (if necessary).



Confirm correct number of materials.



Pick up any materials being duplicated.



Organize registration/program materials.



Notify information desks at site location
of time and room.



Day of Satellite Teleconference

Put up signs (if necessary).



Notify information desks at site location
of time and room.



Deliver registration/program materials
to registration table.



Have technical coordinator set up and
test the equipment.



Set up/test telephone and fax.



Brief registrar of conference details.



Check that technical coordinator is testing
satellite signal.



Hand out evaluation forms.



Collect evaluations forms.



Take down signs (if necessary).



After Satellite Teleconference

Make copies of evaluations and return
originals to



Fill out online survey for host sites.



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