Shared Agenda for Openness and Accountability

Since 2011, more than 20 national organizations committed to improving openness and accountability have worked together to identify policy priorities and specific recommendations for improving and strengthening federal government openness.

The initial lists of priorities were quite long, reflecting the diverse concerns of the participants.  Eventually, though, we were able to winnow our list of “top policy priorities” where the Executive Branch could take significant actions to improve on existing policies and set a new standard for openness and accountability in the federal government.

Together, these 9 issue areas make up a shared “Agenda for Openness.” View the full document here. 

The Agenda for Openness is:

  1. Bring FOIA Performance In-line with Administration Goals.
  2. Direct Agencies to Proactively Disseminate Accountability Information.
  3. Transform National Security Classification.
  4. Protect First Amendment Rights While Protecting Properly Classified National Security Information.
  5. Ensure Responsible Use of the State Secrets Privilege.
  6. Improve Ethics Disclosure.
  7. Improve Disclosure of Government Regulatory Process.
  8. Improve Disclosure of Information about Government Spending.
  9. Curb Secret Law. and our partners will continue to press the Obama Administration to address these issues through all available venues.

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