Setting High Standards for the Second National Action Plan

The US government is expected to deliver its second National Action Plan in October. To jumpstart discussions with the government and strengthen the quality of the second plan, we are coordinating a model action plan with commitments drafted by civil society.

In July we will be presenting the Administration with a copy of all of the draft commitments submitted and posted on this website:

The deadline for submission is July 15, 2013 for what we will present to the Administration to begin discussions with them and the agencies.  We will continue to share new submissions with them but cannot guarantee that they will become part of the discussions (although we will endeavor to do so).

The draft commitments we will hand over to the Administration are not intended to be all-encompassing or represent the consensus views of the community.

This online form may be used to submit a proposed commitment or email it to apaulson[at] OTG staff will review the submissions to make sure they meet the guidelines prior to posting.

We encourage you to take a look at what is currently posted, and check back to read new ideas. You can endorse a particular suggestion, or suggest improvements via the “comment” box below each submission.

We hope you will join us in setting high standards for the next National Action Plan.

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