Scoring the Third National Action Plan – November 17, 2015 Newsletter

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On Tuesday, October 27th, the government released its third National Action Plan. We asked our civil society partners to provide scores for the NAP, based on the extent to which the civil society recommendations in our Model Plan were incorporated into the final plan. We also asked for commentary from a wide-range of civil society actors engaged in the OGP process. You can find the scoring and analysis here.

Updates from Coalition Partners & Others:

Center for Public Integrity gives states low marks on State Integrity Investigation

Last week, the Center for Public Integrity released its 2015 State Integrity Investigation, which gives states grades based on open records laws and oversight effectiveness. The investigation turned up loopholes across the country that allow for conflicts of interests and make it harder for watchdogs to enforce the law. All in all, just three states scored higher than a D+, and eleven states received a failing grade. The Center notes that little progress has been made since it first started conducting annual investigations in 2012, and many scores have fallen over the last three years.

SPJ accepting nominations for journalism awards

The Society of Professional Journalists is calling for entries for its Sigma Delta Chi, Mark of Excellence, and New America Awards. The awards honor journalistic excellence in a variety of forms, including student journalism and public service journalism. Find out more about the awards and submit entries here.

PEN American Center reports on national security whistleblowers

PEN America is shedding light on the lack of protections for whistleblowers working on national security for the U.S. government. PEN recently released a report, Secret Sources: Whistleblowers, National Security, and Free Expression, which details the risks faced by whistleblowers in the intelligence community, and recommends new protections and reforms. Last week, PEN also held a forum to discuss the report’s findings, including a live video conversation with Edward Snowden. Watch video of the event here.

EFF calls for greater law enforcement transparency

The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed an amicus brief calling for the reversal of a decision in a federal appellate court case involving the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Naji Hamdan, an American citizen who was arrested and tortured in the U.A.E. in 2008, filed the FOIA lawsuit in 2010 to find out if U.S. law enforcement agencies were aware of or participated in his detention, but the courts ruled that the records could be kept secret under various national security and law enforcement FOIA exemptions. EFF believes the courts misinterpreted FOIA, and inappropriately broadened a FOIA exemption that allows for law enforcement agencies to withhold their techniques and procedures.

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