Recommendations for the Justice Department’s 2016 Open Government Plan: Enhance data collection and reporting standards for law enforcement agencies

Today, submitted recommendations for the Justice Department’s 2016 Open Government Plan, outlining commitments that would enhance data collection and reporting by police departments and federal law enforcement agencies.

The proposals recommend the Justice Department: develop implementation guidance and standards for uniform data collection; update national databases by requiring data collection and reporting by state and local law enforcement agencies; develop federal requirements for police departments that receive body cameras; and, enhance transparency of police use of investigative technology. 

Under the 2009 Open Government Directive, agencies are required to seek public input and issue an open government plan every two years. Agencies are currently in the process of developing their new plans, which are scheduled to be updated by June 1, 2016. Some agencies are actively seeking public feedback on how they can make their plans more open, participatory and collaborative. The recommendations submitted today expand on the commitments that are part of the Justice Department’s 2014 Plan, as well as those included in the Administration’s 3rd National Action Plan as part of the Open Government Partnership. 

Read the recommendations here.

For more recommendations submitted on the Justice Department’s 2016 Open Government Plan, see proposals submitted by the Government Accountability ProjectDemand Progress, and the Sunlight Foundation