Racial Equity and Accountability

We work in partnership with leaders at the forefront of the fight for racial equity to ensure that communities of color have an equal voice in efforts to create a government that is accountable to all.

OTG created The Liberty and Justice for All project to build a bridge between racial justice organizations and the accountability community–combining our efforts to develop a transparent, accountable government that works for all, including communities of color. We are expanding the coalition to co-create and advocate for solutions to the inequities that stem from government decision-making that tilts against or excludes communities of color. By looking beyond the universe of advocates and watchdog organizations that historically have been our partners and engaging emerging voices in racial and social justice movements, OTG is poised to positively affect change.

President Biden’s Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government has set the stage for historic changes that will address inequities suffered by communities of color, making the timing for The Liberty and Justice for All Project even more critical as OTG works to ensure proposed changes are favorable and long-lasting.