Progress Report Marks 1 Year Anniversary of Open Government Partnership US National Plan

To mark the anniversary of the release of the Open Government Partnership US National Action Plan, and a team of organizations released a progress report on the steps the Administration’s implementation of the report.

On September 20, 2011, the Administration released its Open Government Partnership US National Action Plan. The plan included a variety of commitments aimed to further public participation, government transparency, and improve citizen access to government information. The Administration does not intend to have enacted this plan in its entirety until January 2013 – a date that will put the US in sync with the majority of countries participating in the Open Government Partnership.

Patrice McDermott, Executive Director of said, “By design civil society has an important role to play in the Open Government Partnership, and are extremely happy to have such a broad range of civil society engaged in the effort to hold the Administration to its promises.” Contributors to the report include: America Speaks, the Association of Research Libraries, the Constitution Project, Cornell eRulemaking Initiative, IBM Center for the Business of Government, Global Financial Integrity, Global Witness, OMB Watch, Open Forum Foundation, Project On Government Oversight, and Publish What You Fund.

Dr. McDermott continued, “The progress report we are issuing today is a snapshot that shows the impressive amount of effort the Administration has put into fulfilling its commitments, and how much work is left to be done in just a few months. The report we release in January will represent the civil society’s assessment of whether the Administration met the letter of the commitment, if it took the recommendations made by civil society, and if the Administration stretched itself beyond the commitments to meet its expressed goals and make the effort more successful.

Download the report here:

Please note that this report was updated on 9/25