News Highlights - September 19, 2017

Sierra Club sues U.S. EPA, claims agency violates information access law
The U.S. Military Can’t Keep Track of Which Missions It’s Fueling in the Yemen War
Op-Ed: Trump’s Double Standard When It Comes to Privacy

News Highlights - September 18, 2017

Governments turn tables by suing public records requesters
C.I.A. Wants Authority to Conduct Drone Strikes in Afghanistan for the First Time
Watchdogs Try To Get Mar-A-Lago Answers, Mostly Turn Up More Questions
House goes to court to protect secrecy of records

News Highlights - September 13, 2017

Judge lifts secrecy order for suit against Homeland Security Department
Immigrant rights groups seek information about ICE raids
CDC cracks down on communications with reporters

News Highlights - September 11, 2017

Op-Ed: Militarizing police under a cloak of secrecy
Op-Ed: Congress might expand the Patriot Act to areas that have nothing to do with terrorism
Trump Administration Declines to Release Information on Immigration Enforcement
We Know a Lot More About U.S. Spying Since Section 702’s Last Reauthorization

News Highlights - September 8, 2017

DOJ: Admitting Existence Of A Sessions Resignation Letter Would Violate His Privacy
Deadline Looms for Govt to Release Mar-a-Lago Presidential Visitor Records in Response to FOIA Suit

News Highlights - September 6, 2017

The Feds Promised to Protect Dreamer Data. Now What?
Op-Ed: Trump’s monument review is as secretive as Obama’s designations
18F begins work on centralized FOIA website

News Highlights - August 31, 2017

Local police shut off from ICE info
Judge Nails Trump’s Election Commission on Records Handling
Government emails show USCIS was caught off guard and unprepared by the Muslim Ban

News Highlights - August 28, 2017

How ICE Uses Secret Police Databases to Arrest Immigrants
Secrecy Surrounding Plan to Trim U.S. Monuments Spurs Suspicions
Congress keeps quiet on U.S. drone policy — and that’s a big problem