Policy and News Updates for October 26, 2004

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Policy Updates

[updated]Intelligence reform bill negotiations slog on
The Senate version, S. 2845, requires disclosure of the annual intelligence budget, allows Congress to appeal agency decisions to classify documents or sections of public reports. With 9/11 families pressing for the Senate version, the White House opposes both provisions in a new letter to lawmakers dated 10/26/04.
Status: Members of the House and Senate continue negotiating this week in conference committee.
Source:Background on the intelligence reform debate and the White House letter are available at Secrecy News Oct. 26, 2004.

Action: Action Alert from the 9/11 Family Steering Committee

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News Highlights

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Nuke agency takes Web site offline

[CNN Oct. 25]

Nation depends on feds brave enough to tell the truth By Daniel Ellsberg and Ray McGovern

[Federal Times, Oct. 25]

Infotech and the Law: DOD should update FOIA policy for releasing contractor info
[Washington Technology Oct. 25]

Open records law violated

[Indianapolis Star Oct. 24]

Public disclosure laws imperiled in U.S., world
[Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Oct. 24]

Open-government advocates fear reform
[Cox News Oct. 23]

State won’t release records of restaurant health violations
[Associated Press Oct. 22]

FBI Backs Down in EPIC Lawsuit for Release of Secure Flight Info
[EPIC Oct. 21]

Archive Sues CIA for Speedy Review of Key Iraq Document
[National Security Archive Oct. 20]

White House Assails Parts of Bills
[Washington Post Oct. 20]

Homeland Security: What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us
[Columbia Journalism Review]

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