Policy and News Updates for November 9, 2004


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Policy Updates


[updated]Intelligence reform: intel budget, classification reform hinge on deal
The Senate version of the intelligence reform legislation, S. 2845, requires disclosure of the annual intelligence budget and allows Congress to appeal agency decisions to classify documents or sections of public reports. The White House opposes both provisions.
Status: Sen. Susan Collins offered to drop disclosure of the total intelligence budget as House-Senate negotiations continue. Congress reconvenes Nov. 16.
Source: Washington Post, Nov. 9, 2004.
Action: For alerts from many concerned groups, see the Rights Working Group.


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News Highlights



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A Non-Disclosure Agreement for Unclassified Info
[Secrecy News Nov. 8]


DOD on Classification Marking, Information Sharing
[Secrecy News Nov. 8]


Some plans withheld on premise of security
[Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Nov. 7]


New governor’s next challenge
[Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Nov. 7]


Group asks for governor’s calendar
[Sacramento Bee Nov. 6]


"Deep Freeze" & "Lights Out"
[On The Media from NPR Nov. 5]


The harm of too much secrecy
[By Nick Schwellenbach via Houston Chronicle Nov. 5]


Arkansas high court bars city from violating FOI
[Associated Press Nov. 5]


DEQ task force submits report
[Richmond Times-Dispatch Nov. 5]


Let’s emulate California’s open-government initiative
[East Valley Tribune Nov. 5]


California Open-Government Measure Wins Big
[Editor & Publisher Nov. 3]


Report Faults Secrecy in Biosafety Committees
[SEJ WatchDog Nov. 3]


Journalists’ FOI Coalition Launches Web Site
[SEJ WatchDog Nov. 3]


IRE Sends Home FOI Report Cards for States
[SEJ WatchDog Nov. 3]


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