Policy and News Updates for November 23, 2004


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Policy Updates


[updated]Intelligence reform: Checks on Secrecy Traded Away as Talks Fail
Negotiations in Congress broke down over matters unrelated to openness in government. While the language that negotiators were drafting before talks collapsed is unclear, the final deal would likely keep the intelligence budget secret, let only Congress appeal agency decisions to stamp documents "secret," and create weak congressional oversight over both the National Intelligence Director and the government’s restrictions on unclassified information.
Status: The entire bill appears dead, although there is talk of bringing Congress back to vote on the bill in December. The main sticking point is the role of the Defense Secretary in controlling intelligence spending.
Source: New York Times, Nov. 23, 2004.
Action: For alerts from many concerned groups, see the Rights Working Group.


[updated]NIH Proposes Open Access Policy
A new proposal from the National Institutes of Health would require all published scientific articles based on taxpayer-funded research to be publicly available for free. Currently, scientific journals publish the studies, which can only be accessed by subscriptions or through an academic institution that has its own subscription.
Status: The public comment period closed Nov. 16 and the agency is reviewing comments.
Source: Alliance for Taxpayer Access
Action: Send a letter to Congress.


[updated] Independent Classification Board
Language added to the intelligence reform legislation (see above) would allow Congress (but not the public) to appeal agency classification decisions through a newly created Independent National Security Classification Board. Agency efforts to black out major sections of high-profile reports on Iraq and 9/11 prompted the proposal of such a board.
Status: Negotiations between the House and Senate will likely have to start fresh next year, although a vote could take place in December.
Action: Send a letter to Congress in support of a classification board!



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News Highlights



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Rail firm won’t disclose hazmat re-routing
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Defense Audits Kept Behind Closed Doors
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Changes eyed in security law
[Rocky Mountain News Nov. 19]


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Let’s live up to America’s principles of openness
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Clarke Testimony from 2002 Declassified
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More NGA Withdrawals from the Public Domain
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NGA Pursues Control of Unclassified Satellite Imagery
[Secrecy News Nov. 17]


WV Groups Sue Interior Under FOIA for Wind Turbine Documents
[SEJ WatchDog Nov. 17]


Report: A.G. Nominee Worked to Keep Info From Press
[Editor & Publisher Nov. 16]


Gonzales Record on Government Secrecy
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Critics: Schwarzenegger falls short of promise of openness
[Associated Press Nov. 16]


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