Policy and News Updates for November 2, 2004


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Policy Updates


[updated]Intelligence reform: intel budget, classification reform hinge on deal
The Senate version of the intelligence reform legislation, S. 2845, requires disclosure of the annual intelligence budget and allows Congress to appeal agency decisions to classify documents or sections of public reports. The White House opposes both provisions.
Status: House and Senate negotiators continue to resolve the impasses. Congress reconvenes Nov. 16 to vote on the bill.
Source:Background on the intelligence reform debate and the White House letter are available at Secrecy News Oct. 26, 2004.
Action: For alerts from many concerned groups, see the Rights Working Group.


[updated]NIH Proposes Open Access Policy
A new proposal from the National Institutes of Health would require all published scientific articles based on taxpayer-funded research to be publicly available for free. Currently, scientific journals publish the studies, which can only be accessed by subscriptions or through an academic institution that has its own subscription.
Status: The NIH proposal is open for a comment period which has been extended until Nov. 16. Comments can be submitted through the NIH website.
Source: Alliance for Taxpayer Access
Action: Send a letter to Congress.


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News Highlights



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Psst. President Bush is Hard at Work Expanding Government Secrecy
[New York Times editorial Nov. 1]



Pentagon Acknowledges, Combats Overclassification
[Secrecy News Nov. 1]


Rumsfeld Memo on Classification Policy
[Secrecy News Nov. 1]


Pentagon Censors Chain of Command on Abu Ghraib
[National Security Archive Oct. 29]


Has the Intel Budget Total Ever Been "Publicly Identified"?
[Secrecy News Oct. 28]


Cone of silence
[Boston Phoenix Oct. 28]


Groups raise concerns about increased classification of documents
[National Journal via GovExec Oct. 27]


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