Policy and News Updates for January 25, 2005

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Policy Updates

[new]Former FBI Translator Rallies Support with New Website
Sibel Edmonds is fighting to open her FBI case to public scrutiny. Fired after complaining about negligence, Edmonds seeks full public release of an inspector general’s report on her filing and a public hearing by rallying other whistleblowers and gathering thousands of signatures on a petition through www.justacitizen.com.
Action: Learn more and sign the petition at www.justacitizen.com.

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News Highlights

Looking for authors! The Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service distributes op-ed opinion pieces on any topic related to freedom of information. Pieces related in some way to the Freedom of Information Act are especially welcome. The op-eds may be published freely as long as the author is credited. To view the latest op-ed as well as all pieces in the series, go to Knight Ridder/Tribune. Pieces should be 700 words in length and sent as part of the email message (without attachments) to Ray Walker at rwalker@krtinfo.com and oped@krtinfo.com. Please also let us know if you submit a piece!

Recent pieces:

  • Martin Halstuk unravels the secrecy around the intelligence budget.
  • Charles Lewis reminds us that today’s secrecy requires courage.

US Asserts State Secrets Privilege Again
[Secrecy News Jan. 25]

Friday, Coble questioning secrecy surrounding RTI’s Iraq contract
[Winston-Salem Journal Jan. 24]

Public meetings source of concern
[Bloomington Pantagraph Jan. 24]

Sen. Cornyn on Freedom of Information
[Secrecy News Jan. 21]

Authority to Designate SSI Expanded
[Secrecy News Jan. 21]

The Rocky Flats Horror Picture Show:
Ex-FBI agent charges feds with radioactive coverup at Rocky Flats

[Grist Magazine Jan. 21]

Public Interest in Hidden CIA Operational Records is High
[National Security Archive Jan. 21]

FBI Tries To Limit Info Searches
[Associated Press via CBS Jan. 21]

Bill aims at public fund disclosures

[Daily Texan Jan. 20]

Gonzales could revisit Ashcroft Memorandum

[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Jan. 19]

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