Policy and News Updates for December 7, 2004

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Policy Updates

[updated]Intelligence reform: Agreement Reached, Impacts Unclear
House and Senate negotiators reached compromise and may try to address concerns about increased secrecy by clarifying the intent of the language and by strengthening oversight in the next Congress. The final deal is uncertain, but earlier negotiations would have likely kept the intelligence budget secret, let only Congress appeal agency decisions to stamp documents “secret,” and create weak congressional oversight for both the National Intelligence Director and the government’s restrictions on unclassified information
Status: Likely scheduled for a vote this week.
Source: Financial Times, Nov. 23; OMB Watcher, Dec. 1.

Action: The Rights Working Group.

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News Highlights

Looking for authors! The Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service distributes op-ed opinion pieces on any topic related to freedom of information. Pieces related in some way to the Freedom of Information Act are especially welcome. The op-eds may be published freely as long as the author is credited. To view the latest op-ed as well as all pieces in the series, go to Knight Ridder/Tribune. Pieces should be 700 words in length and sent as part of the email message (without attachments) to Ray Walker at rwalker@krtinfo.com and oped@krtinfo.com. Please also let us know if you submit a piece!

The Latest Op-Eds from Knight-Ridder/Tribune:

  • Federal disaster aid boondoggles show FOI need (Heritage Foundation)
  • Big Buddy government (Working Group on Community Right to Know)

Searches and gag orders: Homeland Security’s unprecedented campaign cloaks unclassified info
[Federal Times Dec. 6]

No More Secrets
[Newsweek Dec. 6 issue]

ISOO: December 2006 Declassification Deadline “At Risk”
[Secrecy News Dec. 6]

Safeguarding Sensitive Security Information
[Secrecy News Dec. 6]

US Weather Agency Embraces Open Internet Standards
[CDT Policy Post Dec. 6]

Railroad changes sought: Louisville mayor concerned about chemicals
[Associated Press via Cincinnati Enquirer Dec. 6]

Guest opinion: Fighting back at ‘big buddy’ government
[George Sorvalis and Paul Orum for the Knight Ridder Tribune News Service via The Billings Gazette Dec. 5]

Boston lawyer spearheads effort to pass reporter’s shield law
[Associated Press Dec. 3]

Open government and media groups support recorded votes
[Associated Press Dec. 3]

White House Panel Criticizes Cybersecurity Overclassification
[Secrecy News Dec. 3]

The Classified SILEX Uranium Enrichment Project
[Secrecy News Dec. 3]

Homeland Secrecy

[Washington Post editorial Dec. 3]

Freedom of information won veto battle 30 years ago
[Tom Blanton for the Knight Ridder Tribune News Service via The Daily Herald Dec. 2]

Access to data criticized

[Albany Times Union Dec. 2]

Delete button weakens freedom of information law
[Arkansas Times Dec. 2]

Mine Safety Library Privatization Could Threaten Access to Records
[SEJ WatchDog Dec. 1]

More Non-Dicslosure Agreements for Unclassified Info
[Secrecy News Dec. 1]

Amicus Brief Filed In Cheney Task Force Case
[Secrecy News Dec. 1]

Jersey to Withhold Hazardous Waste Records
[OMB Watcher Nov. 30]

Intelligence Bill Erodes Right To Know
[OMB Watcher Nov. 30]

Activists Crawl Through Web to Untangle US Secrecy
[Inter Press Service Nov. 30]

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