Policy and News Updates for December 15, 2004

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Policy Updates

[updated] Intelligence reform: Agreement Reached, Impacts Unclear
House and Senate negotiators reached compromise and may try to address concerns about increased secrecy by clarifying the intent of the language and by strengthening oversight in the next Congress. The final deal keeps the intelligence budget secret, creates a board to review agency decisions to stamp documents “secret,” and includes promises to strengthen oversight on information access issues.
Status: Signed by the president as Public Law 108-796.
Source: Financial Times, Nov. 23; OMB Watcher, Dec. 14.

Action: The Rights Working Group.

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News Highlights

Looking for authors! The Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service distributes op-ed opinion pieces on any topic related to freedom of information. Pieces related in some way to the Freedom of Information Act are especially welcome. The op-eds may be published freely as long as the author is credited. To view the latest op-ed as well as all pieces in the series, go to Knight Ridder/Tribune. Pieces should be 700 words in length and sent as part of the email message (without attachments) to Ray Walker at rwalker@krtinfo.com and oped@krtinfo.com. Please also let us know if you submit a piece!

The Latest Op-Eds from Knight-Ridder/Tribune:

  • What lessons does Watergate offer for today’s beleaguered media? (Center for Public Integrity)

ASNE, Broadcasters Go Nat’l. with ‘Sunshine Sunday’ Open-Gov’t. Campaign
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Pension whistle-blower sees ‘sinister’ ouster plot

[San Diego Union Tribune Dec. 14]

The Spy Satellite So Stealthy that the Senate Couldn’t Kill It
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JASON Panel Calls for “Radical Change” of Classification System
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Reflections on the Mystery Spy Satellite Program
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Reclamation Officials Withhold Dam Safety Information
[OMB Watcher Dec. 13]

New NOAA information policy stirs debate
[GCN.com Dec. 13]

Campaign-finance reform bill aims to open up process
[Cleveland Plain Dealer Dec. 11]

Debate on Secret Program Bursts Into Open
[New York Times Dec. 10]

TV Reporter Sentenced for Keeping Secret
[Associated Press Dec. 10]

What lessons does Watergate offer for today’s beleaguered media?
[Charles Lewis for the Knight Ridder Tribune News Service via Utah Daily Herald Dec. 9]

Interpreter Says No to Secrecy
[Washington Post Dec. 9]

Mayor defends ban on revealing certain city information

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Dec. 8]

The Right to Know vs. the Budget
[Minneapolis City Pages Dec. 8]

House Approves Intelligence Bill
[Washington Post Dec. 8]

Group sues FERC over LNG info
[Fall River Herald News Dec. 8]

Government secrecy oaths imperil public
[Nick Schwellenbach for the Knight Ridder Tribune News Service via The Springfield News-Leader Dec. 8]

Bush’s Arms Intelligence Panel Works in Secret
[New York Times Dec. 6]

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