Policy and News Update for September 4, 2012

In This Issue:
News from Coalition Partners & Others
I. First Anniversary of US' Open Government Partnership National Action Plan: September 20


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News from Coalition Partners & Others

NFOIC Launches New Open Government Newsletter

The National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC) published its inaugural newsletter, FOI InSight, on August 23rd. The newsletter highlights state-based open government work, aggregates open government news, and offers analysis on freedom of information issues.

Sunlight Releases New Report on Public Access to Bulk Data

The Sunlight Foundation partnered with the Cornell Legal Information Institute and GovTrack.us to create a “roadmap” for Congress’s Bulk Data Task Force to provide bulk access to legislative information for the public. The report provides recommendations for updating THOMAS to take advantage of the data’s potential and open up legislative data for all.

National Security Counselors Seeking Legal Interns for Fall

National Security Counselors is accepting applications for its legal intern program. The part-time position and application requirements are detailed here.

I. First Anniversary of US' Open Government Partnership National Action Plan: September 20

In honor of the first anniversary of the release of the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan (NAP), OpenTheGovernment.org will be releasing an interim progress report on the Administration's efforts to implement the plan. The NAP (which we applauded for the breadth of its commitments) addresses three broad challenges, and includes 26 commitments to help achieve 17 goals. While the Administration does not intend to have enacted this plan in its entirety until January 2013 – a date that will put the US in sync with the majority of countries participating in the Open Government Partnership, the one-year progress report will show what steps the Administration has taken thus far, and how much work is left to be done in the remaining few months.


In January OpenTheGovernment.org will release an over-all assessment of how well the Administration implemented the NAP. That assessment will look at both whether the Administration met the letter of the individual commitments, and if the Administration stretched itself beyond the commitment to fulfill the underlying goal.




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