Players or Spectators: Observations on CSO Participation in the OGP was pleased to host Al Kags as a Mandela Washington Fellow this summer. Mr. Kags is the founder of the Open Institute, a "think-do tank" that collaborates with governments and civil society groups on open government issues.

In partnership with OTG, Mr.Kags and the Open Institute present an insightful analysis of the role of civil society in the Open Government Partnership. In addition to observations drawn from conversations with government officials and civil society representatives from several OGP countries, the report features recommendations for improving CSO participation.

These include:

• The OGP should consider formulating guidelines on involving CSOs in the development and implementation of National Action Plans.

• Governments should strike to facilitate better coordination of efforts in driving public participation and engagement.

• OGP countries should prioritize increasing awareness of the OGP among civil society and the public.

The full report is available here.

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