Partners’ Dig In on the President’s 2014 Budget

National Priorities Project
These budget experts break it down simply—take in the “Top 5 Things to Know About President Obama’s 2014 Budget.” If you’re new to the budget process, NPP also has a handy timeline of events. While you’re exploring their site, be sure to take a look at where exactly your taxes went in 2012.

Taxpayers for Common Sense
TCS presents a comprehensive analysis of the budget request, tackling Department of Agriculture initiatives, nuclear weapons, food aid, and more. There’s even a Dr. Seuss reference to lighten the mood.

Project on Government Oversight
POGO also breaks down defense spending in rolling budget analysis on their blog. How much is budgeted for Government Accountability Office? Will the Office of Special Counsel, tasked with providing safe channels for whistleblowers, get the funds it needs? Answers to that and much more can be found here.

Center for Effective Government
How do American’s views on spending compare to the budget proposal? The Center for Effective Government puts the two side by side for comparison. For more information on spending cuts under the sequester, visit CEG’s “Sequestration Central” for news clips, analysis, background, and more.

Center for American Progress
CAP takes a
look at the 2014 budget in the context of deficit reduction and new spending cuts.