Partners Applaud Senate Passage of Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act

On May 9 joined several coalition partners and other allies in applauding Senate passage of S.743, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act. The bill would expand protections for federal employees who disclose wrongdoing and protect the public trust. It will modernize the federal whistleblower law, restore and expand free speech rights, and specifically cover national security and intelligence community workers, federal scientists, and Transportation Security Administration officers.

The House companion to The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, HR 3289, was introduced by Representatives Platts and Van Hollen on November 1, 2011 and passed unanimously by the House Oversight and Government Committee two days later. The other House committees with jurisdiction over HR 3298, Intelligence and Homeland Security, have yet to take any action on the bill. Along with our coalition partners POGO, the GAP, the Liberty Coalition, and the Union of Concerned Scientists, we urge House leadership to move swiftly to pass the bill to prove their commitment to tackling waste and increasing accountability to the American taxpayer.

Both chambers of Congress have debated, amended, and passed versions of the bill for more than a decade without ever putting something in front of the President to sign into law. Final passage of the bill seemed imminent during the waning days of the 110th Congress until two Senators placed "secret holds" on the bill. Our coalition partner Government Accountability Project – GAP worked with On the Media in the months following the controversy to unveil the source of the holds.

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