New England First Amendment Coalition

The goal of the New England First Amendment Coalition is to defend, promote and expand public access to government and the work it does. The coalition is a broad-based organization of people who believe in the power of transparency in a democratic society. Its members include lawyers, journalists, historians, librarians and academicians, as well as private citizens and organizations whose core beliefs include the principles of the First Amendment. The coalition aspires to advance and protect the five freedoms of the First Amendment, and the principle of the public’s right to know, in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. In collaboration with other like-minded advocacy organizations, NEFAC also seeks to advance understanding of the First Amendment across the nation and freedom of speech and press issues around the world.

Justin Silverman, Executive Director

Address: New England First Amendment Coalition

30 Exchange Terrace,

3rd Floor Providence, RI 02903

Phone: 401-331-7209

Fax: 401-751-7542

The NEFAC Report, a monthly newsletter featuring original stories by New England journalists and those in the FOI community, all battling for more transparency in government:

Twitter: @1stamendmentneu