OUT with Secrecy and IN with Sunshine

Transparency advocates with the OpenTheGovernment.org coalition recommend a list of federal government practices that should be “Out,” and what should be “In.” Despite an increased focus on open government by the Executive branch over the last few years, some of the federal government’s actions continue to hinder the public from having an informed understanding of what the government is doing and why. Such practices lead to more secrecy and less accountability. 

Out In
The Public’s “Need to Know” The Public’s “Right to Know”
Deals behind closed doors Governing with the Public
It’s Classified because THEY Say So It’s Classified because It Needs Protection
Caribou Coffee Meetings White House Meetings
Whistleblowers in Jail Whistleblowers on Pedestal
State Secrets as a Broad Sword State Secrets as a Paring Knife
No-Names Money in Elections Publicly Disclosed Money in Elections
Secretly-Interpreted Laws Public Laws
FOIA for the Paper Age FOIA for the Digital Age
Translucent Government Transparent Government