Our Impact

Together with our coalition partners and allies we have:

  • Forged organizations with different focuses and priorities into a broad coalition that has proven to be enormously effective in bringing about change.
  • Created a blueprint for openness for improving government openness that was used extensively by the Obama transition team in 2009 to shape government policy.
  • Pushed back against excessive national security secrecy and secret law.
  • Set new expectations for open data to support accountability and for ending corruption, waste and fraud.
  • Ensured passage of legislation to improve whistleblower protections.
  • Worked closely with Congress and the Executive Branch to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), improve federal record keeping, reduce overclassification, and more.
  • Pushed for greater accountability in federal spending.
  • Set high standards for and push the Obama administration on its openness agenda.
  • Ensured policy reforms are realized in practice
  • Stopped hundreds of bad things from happening. Some examples include: Prevented agribusinesses from being able to claim privacy rights under the FOIA; Convinced the Smithsonian institution to adopt a public disclosure process; Stopped numerous legislative attempts to prevent information from being disclosed under the FOIA; Prevented the passage of legislation on “leaks” that would have chilled whistleblowers; Stopped a new, much broader level of classification.

We accomplish our goals by:

  • Sharing Information and Expertise among our diverse coalition partners
  • Bringing Advocates Together from across the political spectrum and issue areas  to work on issues of common concern
  • Creating Space for Extended Discussion and consensus-building on how to overcome long-term or systemic challenges and put in place concrete plans
  • Coordinating Advocacy and Education efforts to put plans into action.

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