OTG Releases Progress Report on 2nd Open Government Partnership Plan – October 5, 2015 Newsletter

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Don’t miss from OTG:
Openness groups call for DHS FOIA provisions to enshrine the “presumption of openness;” urge USTR to select new transparency officer.

Updates from Coalition Partners & Others:

Union of Concerned Scientists Releases Report on Government Scientific Integrity

The Union of Concerned Scientists recently released the results of their latest survey of federal scientists on scientific integrity in their agencies. The report finds that progress has been made, but that many federal scientists still report restrictions and interference in their work, and issues such as lack of resources or respect for the scientific process.

Center for Media and Democracy Sues Governor Scott Walker over Open Records

CMD filed its latest in a series of lawsuits against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker over his administration’s withholding of public records. Governor Walker has refused to release certain records by citing the federal FOIA exemption for “deliberative process” – an exemption not recognized under Wisconsin state law.

Center for Public Integrity sues FEC for security study

The Center for Public Integrity is suing the Federal Elections Commission for access to a study on the FEC’s computer security systems. The study, which cost taxpayers nearly $200,000, was commissioned following the Center’s reporting on Chinese hackers’ successful infiltration of FEC computer systems in 2013.

Coalition Partner Events:

ASNE-APME 2015 Convention ASNE, October 16-18

National Leadership Conference Arab American Institute, October 23-25

OTG Releases Progress Report on 2nd Open Government Partnership Plan

A new civil society Progress Report finds that the U.S. government, despite some meaningful efforts, is not poised to fulfill many of the open government commitments made in its second OGP National Action Plan. In contrast to President Obama’s 2009 pledge to usher in a “new era of openness,” the White House has fallen short of civil society expectations and has not taken full advantage of the OGP platform to push through transformative openness initiatives.

The report’s analysis is based on interviews and discussions with OTG’s civil society partners. These organizations have been monitoring the progress made by agencies over the course of the OGP process, and have directly engaged in meetings with government personnel over the course of 2015.

In order to convince the American public and the globe that the U.S. government is truly committed to openness, the report calls on the Administration to demonstrate a greater commitment to transparency and openness before this President leaves office. It can do so in its third National Action Plan, to be released at the end of October.


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