OTG Releases Latest Impact Report

After an extraordinarily unusual year largely defined by the coronavirus pandemic and America’s reckoning with racial injustice, the future is beginning to appear a bit more certain. The nation is now moving toward recovery with a new administration in place, and the opportunity to restore our democracy and shore up accountability has never been greater — or more necessary.

In 2020, Open The Government convened more than 40 organizations and experts from across the political spectrum to create Accountability 2021, a landmark agenda to address critical gaps in transparency, ethics, and oversight designed to promote long-lasting accountability in government far beyond simply a return to a pre-Trump era.

Accountability 2021 addresses accountable government in six central themes, specifically open government, ethics, responsive government, whistleblowers, balance of power, and pandemic preparedness and response. We have already advanced the Accountability 2021 agenda with this administration, securing important victories, but much more needs to be done. The coalition’s work continues as we urge the Biden administration and Members of Congress to prioritize and embrace recommendations that are foundational to restoring our democratic institutions.

As OTG advocates for greater implementation of the Accountability 2021 blueprint, we recognize that our government remains least accountable to communities of color and that government can never be fully accountable if we fail to address entrenched racial inequities in policy-making. Drawing on our expertise as a coalition hub, we launched Liberty and Justice for All, a project that will expand the accountability coalition so that we redefine accountability to resonate with and help empower organizations of the racial and social justice movement.

We recognize that our democracy remains in crisis; too many Americans question constitutionally protected processes and the validity of the election, resulting in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. We will continue to galvanize our coalition to map out solutions to repair the cracks in our democratic foundations.

We are immensely thankful for what we have accomplished during a challenging year, working in tandem with a growing, diverse list of coalition partners, Steering Committee members, and generous funders who are committed to strengthening our democracy. And we are grateful for the energy and commitment that so many of our colleagues have demonstrated in pursuit of A More Perfect Union through a more transparent and accountable government.

Tom Susman, Chair, Steering Committee, Open The Government
Lisa Rosenberg, Executive Director, Open The Government

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