OTG Leads Sign-on Letter Calling for Stronger Transparency and Accountability in COVID-19 Legislative Response

Open The Government led a sign-on letter initiative calling on Congress to include strong transparency and accountability provisions in the next legislative response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the CARES Act included several important transparency and oversight requirements, according to the letter, much more is needed to protect the public’s access to information and strengthen meaningful oversight.

Joined by 25 organizations dedicated to transparency, accountability, and good government, OTG asked Congress to include these significant measures in the legislation:

  • Strengthen protections for inspectors general
  • Facilitate and expand the Freedom of Information Act
  • Broaden whistleblower protections
  • Narrow CARES Act secrecy exemption
  • Promote court access
  • Fortify CARES Act oversight mechanisms
  • Disclose secret law related to the pandemic
  • Fund congressional oversight

Read the full letter here.