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Don’t miss Katherine Hawkins, OTG’s national security fellow, at the Huffington Post discussing the intelligence committees’ oversight capabilities and responding to Jose Rodriguez about the accuracy of the Senate report on CIA interrogation methods. Long-time readers might remember that Mr. Rodriguez broke the law by destroying records showing the torture of detainees, but was never charged for his crime.

On April 10th Assistant Director Amy Bennett participated in a panel hosted by the American Society of Access Professionals (ASAP), along with Nate Jones of the National Security Archive, and Meredith Fuchs, the General Counsel at the Consumer Financial Protection Board. The panel addressed the best practices of federal government transparency and the impact of public disclosures. ASAP is a non-profit that provides high-quality training for federal workers on applying the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Privacy Act, and records management issues and creates a bridge between access professionals in the agencies out FOIA requesters. Find out more about ASAP here.