OTG Colleagues Make the Case for Transparency

This month, the Brookings Center for Effective Public Management published “Why Critics of Transparency Are Wrong,” an article debunking myths about transparency in government. The piece, written by the Project On Government Oversight’s Danielle Brian, the Bauman Foundation’s Gary D. Bass, and Brookings’ Norman Eisen, refutes several articles criticizing transparency in the federal government and Congress and spotlights voices from the open government community. Danielle Brian and Gary Bass are the current and former chairs of the OpenTheGovernment.org Steering Committee, respectively.

Ryan Alexander and Steve Ellis of Taxpayers for Common Sense also rejected the notion that earmarks are a key to a more efficient and effective Congress. In short, they note “there is little evidence that earmarks break gridlock and reduce the very real ideological divisions we see in today’s Congress. In fact, bringing earmarks back may reduce momentum to obtain more substantive and transformative reforms.” Read the article featured in U.S. News and World Report here.

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