OTG Calls on The Department of Homeland Security to Release Report that Criticizes Trump Administration’s Handling of Travel Ban

OTG and POGO Filing FOIA Request, Calling on DHS to Stop the Foot-Dragging

WASHINGTON – Open The Government, a leading advocate for transparency to promote government accountability,called on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to release a report critical of DHS’s implementation of President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Open The Government (OTG) and the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) are filing a Freedom of Information Act request, to obtain a copy of the report, as well as relevant correspondence discussing why the report has been delayed.

“It’s time for DHS to stop foot-dragging and start releasing the facts,” said OTG Executive Director Lisa Rosenberg. “We hope our joint FOIA request sheds some light to help the public know the truth about how President Trump’s travel ban was carried out.”

The FOIA request comes amid controversy at the Department of Homeland Security, where DHS Inspector General, John Roth, suddenly resigned, after taking the unusual step of sending a seven-page letter to Congress on Nov. 20, that criticized the agency for taking more than six weeks to choose which sections of the report would be released to the public. There was also concern that the report would be heavily redacted by the Justice Department, which had been given a draft. In his letter, Roth said he was “troubled” by DHS’s handling of the issue.

“We are concerned by the unusual circumstances surrounding the delayed release of this report and the abrupt end of Inspector General Roth’s tenure,” said OTG’s Lisa Rosenberg. “We thank Roth for his service and commitment to open and transparent government.”

Open The Government is a Washington-based non-partisan coalition of good-and-limited government groups, environmentalists, journalists, library and consumer groups, labor, and others united to make the federal government a more open place in order to ensure integrity and accountability in the operation of our governing institutions, foster confidence in representative government, and support our democratic principles.