Partners and Other Allies Share Recommendations to Make Gov’t More Open and Effective

On December 1, shared a report with the Administration that includes recommendations for implementing each of the commitments from the National Action Plan (NAP). The report was drafted with input from a variety of’s coalition partners and other allies that have a stake in helping make the US government more open and accountable.

The NAP was developed as part of the Administration’s engagement in the Open Government Partnership (OGP), an international initiative to make governments more transparent, effective and accountable. Among other requirements, countries that join OGP must deliver an action plan that is developed with public consultation.

When the Obama Administration released the NAP in September, we welcomed the broad range of commitments. The NAP addresses three broad challenges, and includes 26 commitments to help achieve 17 goals. Our report is designed to make it clear what steps the Administration needs to take to meet its commitments, and what additional steps we suggest the Administration takes to meet its goals.

In September 2012, our coalition will release an assessment of the Obama Administration’s performance on its NAP commitments. We look forward to working with the Administration to turn each promise into reality.

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